Soap Saver Natural Fiber Bag


Soap Saver Bag

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Soap Saver Bag. Natural Ramie Fiber bag will make handcrafted soaps last longer by allowing air flow to dry soaps in between uses. The natural ramie fiber gives a gentle exfoliation and doubles as a wash cloth. Simply place one bar soap in bag, wet bag with soap, rub until soap lathers the bag, & use to scrub your body down.  Hang on hook between uses to keep soap dry which will help save your soap for extended life. When you have used up your soap, our Soap Saver bag is machine washable, hang to dry.

Soap Saver bags are also great for small pieces of soap. Place any small soap pieces you want to use up & it makes it easy to lather and use all of your little pieces you have laying around, which saves money & less waste!

Ramie is 100% natural plant based fiber. It is strong, breathable, durable, antibacterial & dries quickly.

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