Shower Steamers – Lavender Relax!


Shower Steamer – Lavender Relax!

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Shower Steamers are a great way to add to your shower experience. The lavender calming steamers are formulated with a blend of essential oils that will fill your shower with scents to clear out your mind & help you relax. Easy to use. When you get into the shower, simply drop the steamer in your shower but not in the direct spray of water, to make it last longer. The steamer will slowly dissolve while filling your shower with a blend of essential oils to give your shower an aromatherapy experience. If you are quick to shower & the steamer hasn’t fully dissolved, simply push it into the water & it will completely dissolve.

Steamers come in a set of 2. Each steamer is handcrafted & essential oils are hand blended for quality.

Steamers can also be used in the bathtub or in a pot of hot water to enjoy the aroma. Do not ingest steamer or steamer water.

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