Incredibly Smooth Shave Butter


Incredibly Smooth Shave Butter

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Incredibly Smooth Shave Butter is silicone free, all natural & will leave your skin silky smooth. Made with Shea Butter, macadamia nut oil, apricot kernel oil, papaya & ginseng extract, your skin will feel so good using our shave butter. A little goes along way, wet skin area to be shaved, dispense a small amount, add layer to your skin & shave. The additional healthy oils will moisturize your skin while the blend of clays will provide added slip for a smooth sexy shave. Incredibly Smooth Shave Butter can be used anywhere you need a close shave.

Each batch of Incredibly Smooth Shave Butter is handcrafted in small batches for quality. Comes in a handy pump dispenser for ease of use. Each pump bottle is 100 grams of smooth shave butter.

Suggested use: Pump out Incredibly Smooth Shave Butter, wet skin to be shaved, apply to skin where shaving is desired, pre-rinse razor in clean water & shave. Our Shave Butter will easily rinse clean from razor without clogging. When finished, rinse with clean water. Moisturize if desired.

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