Coconut Crazy Dry Oil Spray Moisturizer


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If you love using oil to nourish your skin but hate the greasy feeling after, Lucky Suds Dry Oil Moisturizing Body Spray will be your go to moisturizing mist. Blended with luxury oils & with a kiss of scent of tropical coconut, this body oil spray makes your moisturizing routine fast & easy. The oils are easily absorbed into your skin and packed full of nutrients to keep your skin healthy and refreshed all day. So easy to use – spray on fresh out of the shower or bath, massage in and done! The 52 ml dry oil is available in several wonderful fragrances. Our Coconut fragrance is a fresh, clean, tropical fragrance that will make your skin feel nourished, clean and ready to take on the world! With the easy absorption of our body oil spray, you will wonder why you ever spend so much time applying lotion.

Suggested Use: Spritz oil on to body and massage into skin. Can be used on dry skin or after a warm bath or shower. Enjoy!

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