Lavender Bud Foot Scrub with Sea Salt


Lavender Bud Foot Scrub – Cleans, Exfoliates, Detoxes, Moisturizes

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Gentle and calming exfoliation is awaiting you with Lavender Bud Foot Scrub. Smooth out even the roughest, dry feet. Freshly scented with lavender essential oil & dried lavender buds to give your feet relaxation while you detox & clean off the stink. A blend of sea salts will gently rub away loose dried skin to reveal a smoother under layer to keep your feet looking polished and sexy. Additionally, this is a cleansing scrub so no need to clean twice, saving you time while pampering yourself. Sea Salts are a fantastic way to cleanse pores and detox your skin. Helping to rid feet of toxins that may contribute to unpleasant odor.

Lavender Bud Foot Scrub can also be used on any part of your body where you have rough, dry skin. Go ahead and try it on your elbows, knees & hands. Makes a great part of your shower routine. Cleans, exfoliates, detoxes, and moisturizes.

To use: simply take a scoop out & rub in a circular motion on dampened skin. Rinse with clean water.

Each jar of Lavender Bud Foot Scrub is handcrafted in small batches. Each jar is 150 grams of goodness.

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