Hello, my name is Michelle. I started making my own soaps & bath luxuries out of necessity. More & more, I found commercial made products drying my skin, some even would produce a rash. I must have tried every commercial product out there with little or no success. One day I decided to try my hand at making my own soaps & wha-llla! I fell in love with handcrafting soaps. My skin was softer, no more rashes, and I found I needed less and less lotion. I live in a cold climate & the winter was pretty hard on my skin. After making soaps for myself, I wanted to share my creations. Each and every bar is handcrafted in small batches for quality, from soaps to lotions to scrubs & bubble-up bars. Whenever possible, I use local products from other small businesses. Each product is created with the best ingredients I can find and without harsh chemicals for a healthier way to get clean. I hope you enjoy my handcrafted soaps as much as I do! Lucky you, there is Lucky Suds!cropped-kentucky-velvet.png