Handcrafted Soap Story

The idea of making handcrafted soaps had been a long time interest of mine. For many years I owned my own business & worked many long hours never finding the time to indulge in the world of soap making.

Over the years I had spent way too much money trying to find a soap that didn’t dry out my skin or worse create skin issues for me. Once I semi-retired from my business, I decided to learn all I could about my long time interest of soap. I found it interesting that most commercial cleansing products weren’t even soap. That those companies take out all of the goodness of soap to create a bar mainly made of chemicals to cleanse. Real soap has it’s basis in oils, butters, & lye. No wonder I spent hundreds of dollars every year trying to replenish my skin with expensive lotions that those cleansing bars depleted out of my skin. As I made soaps I starting selling them only to realize there are many people who have the same skin issues when using commercial soaps.

It is a wonderful feeling to create something beautiful and useful. The people who have found relief using my soaps make me feel I have found a purpose. Because my soaps are handcrafted in small batches I can control the ingredients that go into each and every bar. Most soaps have shea butter, almond oil, or castor oil, sometimes all three, which nourish your skin instead of deplete it. It is a great feeling to create a soap for someone who has special needs, that may not be able to have fragrance or color, yes, I can customize a soap just for you. There are many choices that may fit your needs right now. Even special events, wedding or baby showers, special birthdays, graduations, the sky is the limit!

I hope you enjoy my page & my soaps. All soaps are handcrafted in small batches & no two are exactly alike. When you purchase soaps from Lucky Suds, you will get something unique. If you have any questions or comments please send us an email. If you need something special made or gifts for an event, please let us know & give us some lead time. Thank you for checking us out!