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Lucky Suds & Piece Love Pastry

Where can I buy Lucky Suds products in person you ask? Wonder no more! Many of our handcrafted products are available year round at select stores.

The Cleveland Craft Nook – 13803 Ridge Rd, North Royalton, OH 44133

Cuyahoga County National Park retail store – Trail Mix Peninsula – 1600 West Mill Street, Peninsula, OH 44264

Handmade Treasures – 6879 Southland Drive, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130 Please Note: this is a seasonal store open October-December

Our products are also available on Market Wagon, an on-line farmer’s market along with my other company “Piece Love Pastry”, if you love handmade bakery. You can find them online at

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The benefits of Handmade Soaps & Skincare

Just about everyone at sometime or another has used a bar of soap to clean their hands & body. But did you know, there are differences in commercially made soaps vs handmade soaps?

With the rise of coronavirus, or COVID-19, it is recommended one of the best ways to help keep down the spread of the virus is to wash your hands thoroughly. To thoroughly wash your hands, you want to not only get the main surface of the palms & fingers but you also want to make sure you wash the tops of your hands, in between your fingers, your thumbs, & don’t forget under your nails & nail beds. Because your nails have crevasses & in the case of long finger nails, germs can easily hide under your nails. The COVID-19 virus is encased in a lipid envelope, basically a layer of fat. Soap can break apart that fat and help make the virus unable to infect you. The second thing soap does is make the skin slippery so with enough rubbing, we can pry germs off & rinse them away.

Eventually, all of this hand washing will take a toll on your skin. Commercially made body bars will do the job of keeping you clean but tend to strip away important oils in your skin. This is were it’s important to choose a handmade soap that has been handcrafted to nourish your skin & add important oils back in your hands & body. Small batch soaps are made with this in mind. They are made of a base of natural ingredients rather than a slurry of chemicals made to replicate soap. At Lucky Suds LLC, we handcraft our soaps from our own scratch recipe. All of our handmade soap bases include olive oil & coconut oil. Some are palm free & some are Vegan and they also include Organic Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter, rich almond oil, castor oil, or avocado oil. These natural ingredients are a true friend to your skin as they moisturize while they keep you clean. Commercially made bars have a tendency to strip away those oils that keep your skin soft & moisturized. The more you use a handcrafted soap, the less lotion you will find you need because homemade soaps nourish.

Our handmade soaps come in a variety of styles & scents to please everyone. Try our Handcrafted Blueberry Soap or our Handmade Strawberry Soap that is great for Spring & Summer. Try any of our handmade soaps that have the inclusion of activated charcoal to help achieve clearer skin. Activated Charcoal is a great ingredient to help with acne & blemishes and many of our handcrafted soaps include activated charcoal in the ingredients. Or you may choose soaps that have essential oils which have many benefits for your skin as well. I’ll delve more into essential oils in my next blog, as that can be an entire small book in itself.

Any of the handcrafted soaps you choose will help keep the spread of the coronavirus down with proper hand washing. We hope you choose handmade soaps as part of your hand washing routine. If you have any questions about our products, I am always happy to answer them if you send them to my email at at this time, I am unable to attend fairs & festivals due to the coronavirus shut-down but would love to hear from you & answer any questions you may have.

Stay safe, be healthy, & keep washing those hands!


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Upcoming Shows 2022


5/14 & 15/22 Delaware Arts Festival, located in downtown Delaware, OH. Festival runs from Saturday, May 14th, 11 am – 7 pm & Sunday, May 15th, from 10 am – 5 pm

5/21/22 Bark in the Park, Sponsored by The Humane Society of Summit County. Festival runs Saturday, May 21st, from 11 am – 3 pm. Located at Lock 3, 200 South Main St, Akron, OH


12/10/22 Avant-Garde – Solon Hometown Holiday Market, located at the Solon Recreation Center in Solon, OH. This event will be Saturday, Dec 10th, from 10 am – 4 pm

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Along the Journey


Welcome to Lucky Suds LLC. We create handcrafted skin & hair care products in small batches from scratch recipes with all natural ingredients. Our lotions, face creams, salves, oils, hair care & skin care products are formulated with natural shea & cocoa butter, blended with top tier oils to create healthy, natural products to keep your skin & hair in the best shape. Our handmade soaps are created the old fashioned way with lye, water, oils & natural colors. No two soaps are exactly the same so when you purchase from us you get a work of art. Our products are made to moisturize, nourish and hydrate your skin for a healthy glow.

We ship anywhere in the United States & Canada. If you are local, we can deliver products to a local spot for pick-up or if you enjoy shopping in person, you can either catch us at one of many different local art shows,  an updated list is only a click away under “Up Coming Shows” on our main page or our products are available at Kaleidoscope Creative Goods, in downtown Sugarcreek, OH .

Here at Lucky Suds we strive to use local businesses to produce & package our products. Enjoy!



This new venture I have taken on has been exciting, scary, uplifting, humbling and at times I’ve said to myself, what was I thinking?!! I am a pretty head-strong creature and once I commit myself to something, I will dive head first & go full speed until I have accomplished my goal.

So let me take you back to my very first batch of making soap. I have to say, I was terrified but at the same time intrigued by the how and the what, as in, what will happen. At the time, I didn’t know much about how to make soap. Also, I had no idea how hot lye water became when the magic of H2O & NaOH (sodium hydroxide, aka, lye) were combined in a swirl of chemistry happening right in my kitchen. Having been a baker for many, many years, I do understand the chemical reactions needed to happen for breads and cakes to rise & to make cookies just right. If you leave out an ingredient or change your fats or leavening your recipe will fail. Having that understanding has helped me propel quickly into the world of soap with an easier mind set to know, you need so much liquid, so much oils/butters, so much lye to make a loaf. But I never had my eggs or milk heat up to an extreme temperature so quickly when I added them to baking powder.

So here I am in my kitchen, kinda terrified, with a long sleeved shirt, elbow length chemical gloves, goggles, an apron, and work boots, yes, work boots. I was so scared I would get a tiny drop of that noxious lye water on me that if I had, had a hazmat suit, believe me, I would of had it on. My husband comes around the corner with a face of disbelief he questions, what are you doing? Well honey, I am learning how to make soap. It’s funny now but at the time he didn’t seem to pleased in my new business venture. So as long as my arms could reach safely away from my body, because I didn’t want to be near this pot of chemicals & fumes, I slowly poured my lye water into my warmed oils and the most amazing thing happened, I actually saw the start of what would be my very first soap creation. The clear water that was being poured into the oils started to blend. I could see the saponification process beginning, there were swirls of milky white starting to dance with the oils & blend together. I quickly picked up my blender & starting to incorporate those magical chemicals together. Wow! Wow! I was doing it! I was making soap. As I blended, I knew I had to reach trace. At this point I really had no idea what “trace” was supposed to look like or how the mixture should react. So I blended & blended, it seemed like forever but it came together & stayed together, much like mixing a cake. When it reached this magical trace, it very much reminded me of pastry cream. It felt like home.

Now it wasn’t a complete success the first time, like most first times, I had no idea how to calculate for a mold, so I had underestimated my batch size & ended up with a bunch of mini soaps but that’s ok, I made them. The entire evening I keep peeking at this wonder bar I had created & almost couldn’t sleep waiting for the next day to cut it into bars. Finally, I cut them & let them cure. The joy I had felt using my first bar of soap was exhilarating. They had lather, they had a wonderful scent, they were firm & hard, they were just like a bar of soap I could buy, but better! They had no chemicals, they were natural, they didn’t irritate my skin like store bought soap, they were perfect!

And so the journey began…